Selection of writings.

I believed that there was more to living then being alone. I found it inside my bones, placed there by you, my insides remember you.

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April 2018. 


burdens - 

Collection of sketches

I love you, more then I will ever admit, but I am a burden. I will pull you down to the depths and I won't even know. 

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January 2018.






THROUGh the walls-

Contemporary Comic

When you are alone, the only person to talk to is yourself, or the demons that live within your head.


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August 2017.


Loving a mystic

Loving a Mystic & other works.

A Comic that explores the means of which a mystic drives away others. Full of self doubt and self loathing, the mystic's work shall keep those whose hearts which haven't felt the torment of her affection, away. 

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march 2017.


wool in my head I-


Collection of drawings

A series of artwork that is the product of someone you love who you know will leave you. You bite your tongue. Make it bleed but in the end. 
They will never love you.

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April 2017.